Life @ T4G

I wanted a job that was on the forefront of new technology and also close to home. When I heard about T4G’s values and culture, combined with the technologies they were working with, I knew I found the right fit. Fast forward 7 years and I’m still challenged with new ideas and projects every day.

Khurshid Ali
Khurshid Ali

I was originally inspired to join T4G because I wanted to work with smart, talented people at a company that does the right thing. Mission accomplished!

Ed Rushton
Project Manager, T4G Kick

T4G gave me the opportunity to continue to learn, to be challenged, and to grow new skills. I don’t have to fit into a defined career path. Instead, I’m given the opportunity to decide what training and skills building opportunities are best for where I want my career to go.

Kristin Haiduk
Project Manager, Internal Operations

Finding Work Life Balance

At T4G, we know we do our best work for our clients when we’re fulfilled, motivated, and engaged. Providing this environment for our employees is a top priority at T4G. That’s why we choose to work with clients with challenging problems that require creative solutions. It’s why we recognize that employees’ passions, families, and free time also need to be top priorities. Flexible working hours and the ability to structure an employee’s work around their needs means employees have the freedom to pursue the things that excite them – both in and outside of the office.

Giving Back

T4G is dedicated to working where talented people want to live, and we believe we have a duty to support and nurture the communities in which we operate.

Whether it’s an employee using their annual T4G Charity Day to paint a community daycare or cook meals in a homeless shelter, or employees organizing to fund raise for a charity bike ride or tutor children in reading at a local school, every employee and each office is encouraged to support initiatives where they feel they can make an impact.

Training and Professional Development

We recognize that as a service-oriented business we depend on the creativity, passion, and innovative thinking of our employees. As such, we endeavor to foster a collaborative working environment that encourages knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer training, and cross-team and multidisciplinary projects. We nurture a culture of innovative solutions and are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in order to solve our client’s business challenges in the best way.

To realize these goals, we allocate 10 training days per year for employees to develop new skills and deepen their expertise in chosen areas. Whether it’s teaching yourself Golang, taking continuing education classes in user experience design, or attending an international conference on big data, T4G is dedicated to helping employees gain the skills and knowledge they need to be competitive in today’s market.

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