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Use analytics to identify waste, manage demand response, and enable conservation opportunities

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Build and maintain loyalty with your customers

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Accelerate the transition to a renewable future and smart grid technologies

We can help you with:

Analytics for Utility Providers

Big data is revolutionizing every part of how we create and consume power. Let us show you how data science can help you make better decisions faster, whether it is to support reduce and shift demand programs, managing frequency regulation, or predictive maintenance on key generation and transmission systems.

Strategic Customer Communication

Leverage technology to foster better connections and communications so that customers get the information they need from you whenever they need it. Our unique mix of strategic thinking, implementation expertise skills, and industry insight can help you build positive relationships that last.

Platform Development & Customization

With the increasing adoption of smart grid technologies across the entire technology spectrum at utilities, it is difficult for many underlying systems to keep up, often rendering the benefits of new technology useless. Our software development teams can deliver tailored improvements so that smart grid benefits are actually realized.

Platform Support

New technology deployment often means capability gaps with platform support. Our Managed Services team supports all software and services that we develop, eliminating the risk often associated with new smart grid deployments.

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