T4G’s Best Tech Gifts for 2018

The T4G team is here to inspire your ‘to buy’ list with our favourite tech gifts of 2018.

These are the top tech toys we’re craving for the holiday season this year – add them to your wish list or gift them to the techie in your life.

Gifts for Tech Lovers

While Luis Pulido still may not be able to have a robot maid, à la Rosie from the Jetsons, he can get the next best thing – this adorable little guy called Vector. (Soon to be) powered by Alexa, Vector by Anki can roam your house, take pictures, tell you the weather, and do a bunch of other cool stuff – all through voice commands or eye contact. He can even find his power charger all by himself. What a good robot, indeed!

T4G VP Mark Fraser practically lives on airplanes and has a special knack for destroying carry-on bags. His holiday wish this year is for this scratch-resistant, really hard to break, eight-wheel suitcase. The Victorinox Hardside Frequent Flyer Carry-On also one-ups all those suitcases with integrated batteries. Instead, it has an external USB port that connects to a cable inside the bag where you can put the external battery of your choosing, so you can use the battery you already have AND check it if needed, unlike luggage with integrated batteries.

For those who need the newest and coolest, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone Xs Max. With the largest display ever on an iPhone and industry-leading colour accuracy, this is the only device your special someone will need. And if project manager Tom Douangmixay doesn’t find one under his tree, he might just go treat himself on Boxing Day.

Tech Gifts 2018: Three iPhones Xs showing white, black, and gold back.

Office manager Leigh Joseph dreams of the big screen experience in the comfort of her home. She’s after a massive smart TV and a sound bar, so she can immerse herself in every detail of her favourite films without having to brave our Canadian winters to make it to the movie theatre.

Her travel photography will soar to new heights if developer Emma Xu gets the Mavic Air she’s been coveting. This ultraportable drone shoots video at an incredible 4K 30 fps and since it folds up into a smartphone-sized package, it won’t take up precious room in her suitcase. The Mavic Air makes the perfect gift for the globe-trotter or close-to-home adventurer.

Tech Gifts 2018: The Mavic Air Drone, unfolded

Wearable Best Tech Gifts 2018

If you’re looking to up your smartwatch game, look no further than the Skagen Connected Men’s Holst Titanium Hybrid Smartwatch. Elegant and understated, it’s free of metal allergens (a must-have for digital strategist Jeff Doner), pairs with Android or Apple phones, and at US$195, won’t break the bank. Best of all, this watch is a hybrid, marrying smartwatch functionality (without being a touchscreen device) with the classic styling of a traditional wristwatch.

Tech Gifts 2018: Skagen Connected Men’s Hybrid Smartwatch

Although we wouldn’t recommend wearing it out of the house, the Muse Brain Sensing Headband can help you jump-start a new meditation habit or refine your existing practice. Business analyst Sara Taaffe has her eye on this to help her quiet her mind – something we could all use a bit of in the hectic holiday season!

Frozen feet on long winter walks will be a thing of the past for project manager Jenn Beamer. She’s hoping Santa brings the new Jimmy Choo Voyager Boot. Controlled by an app on your Android or iPhone and charged through a USB, these boots can be set to 25-45°C and can keep your tootsies toasty for up to eight hours.

Tech Gifts 2018: Jimmy Choo Voyager Boot in Black

For The Child in Your Life (But Let’s Be Honest, It’s Really For You)

An ATV that drives like a Jet Ski, steers like a skateboard, and has tracks that let it go over terrain like a tank? Sign us up! The DTV Shredder is the ultimate outdoor tech toy that may even tempt die-hard video gamers to get outside. And that’s exactly why developer Jon Mercer wants one – to encourage himself and his son to get away from their screens and into the great outdoors more often.

Have a budding DJ or life of every party on your gift list? Agency director Oliver Nemeskeri does, and he’s counting on the Numark Party Mix DJ Controller to win him the Best Gift award this year. The controller connects directly to a laptop so you can play and mix all of your favorite songs with ease.

What’s a snowboarding enthusiast to do once the snow melts in the spring? VP Jason Lee is hoping to jump on the Leiftech electronic skateboard and get his downhill thrills in year-round. While it looks like a motorized skateboard, the made-in-the-USA Leif has a centre wheel tilt system that provides snowboard mechanics, not the flat ride of a skateboard.

Tech Gifts 2018: Leiftech Electronic Skateboard

So there you have it – T4G’s top tech picks for 2018. Now we’ll just cross our fingers and hope we made Santa’s ‘nice’ list this year.

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