Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

We’re building a balanced future at T4G

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the progress we’ve made on leveling the playing field, as well as to highlight the areas where more action needs to happen. Here at T4G, we recognize that innovation is the result of diverse perspectives and thoughts. We want to take a moment to recognize some amazing initiatives happening to grow female representation in STEM as well as highlight some of the amazing trailblazers working at T4G today.

Changing the Narrative – Our Efforts to #BalanceForBetter

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In 2017, Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Computer Science set the goal of doubling the number of female students entering their undergraduate program in 2018. Fast forward to today, and female enrollment in first-year Computer Science is up 144% from 2016. A core pillar to driving this growth is industry participation through the Women in Technology Scholarship, which was awarded to 32 first-year female undergrads.

T4G is happy to be one of the organizations participating in this initiative, providing not only financial support but mentorship and co-op opportunities too.

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Girls STEM Up! Conference

T4G is happy to be a sponsor of the first conference in Atlantic Canada focused on empowering women and celebrating diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), Girls STEM UP! The conference will bring together students and allies from across Atlantic Canada to share stories and perspectives with the ultimate goal of introducing girls to the vast career possibilities that exist in STEM.

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Up+Go – International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Last month, a few of our T4G’ers in Saint John attended and spoke at Up+Go’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science event. The focus of the event was to highlight the possibilities that exist in careers in science, engineering and technology and brought together inspiring women from across New Brunswick. Up+Go, a female empowerment organization, develops training programs, mentorship and content to support female representation is leadership, STEM and entrepreneurial roles and organizations.

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Co-op Programs

T4G has been a long-time supporter of co-ops and internships – we are advocates for experiential education and are always amazed at the quality of talent that we in the younger generation. Most recently, we had the great pleasure of working with Jessica Irving. While at T4G, Jessica was able to leverage Xbox One’s Kinect V2 to capture movement and provide instant feedback to the user on their movements (in this case, it was corrective advice for squats and lunges). This was a great opportunity to not only to put her learning to work but apply creativity and innovation to problem solving.

We’re so grateful for Jessica and the other co-ops we’ve had on our team over the years!

Leading by Example – T4G’s Female Trailblazers

Role models and mentors are key to engaging women in technology and ensuring they are included and growing their career opportunities.  We are lucky to have many remarkable women working at T4G across the country and in all areas of the business. While the following list doesn’t include all of the amazing women at T4G, it gives you a snapshot of phenomenal work women do at our company, from internal operations, to management and leadership, to client engagements, to developing innovative technical solutions, and just about everything in between.

Photo collage of female T4G employees

Lisanne Foget
Based out of the T4G Moncton office, Lisanne is a solutions developer working in many different areas of the project life cycle, from technical design to development and production support. Her dedication to the user experience, an eye for detail, and skills in developing project requirement specifications have made Lisanne an invaluable member of her team.

Her recent focus has been on the development Xamarin solutions, while she is experienced with designing and developing mobile and web solutions in other technical frameworks too. Working with many different platforms and technologies, her goal is to deliver the right solutions to the business problems clients have.

When not working at T4G, you can find Lisanne deep into true crime podcasts, like My Favourite Murder (shout out to any Murderinos out there!),and enjoying wine with friends or curled up with a good book.

Maryam Akbar

Maryam joined the T4G family after graduating from Dalhousie University’s Computer Science program. She works as a Full Stack Web developer and commonly uses Drupal 8, Acquia, PHP and front-end development frameworks. Her attention to detail and ability to learn new technologies incredibly fast makes Maryam a very valuable resource at T4G.

Further echoed by this is her linguistic skills, too! Maryam is fluent in English, French, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and a beginner in sign language and Arabic. If not brushing up on her languages, whether that be technical, written or verbal, you can find Maryam working on her skateboarding skills as she rides throughout Halifax.

Mary Lou Johnston

Mary Lou is both an Executive Vice President and founder of T4G Limited. Her career in the IT industry spans over 30+ years in multiple areas of technology, with application in multiple industries too. Her background in senior systems engineering, combined with her business and corporate governance acumen, is a very rare skillset in todays competitive market. With the depth of knowledge Mary Lou holds, she’s able to bring rich insights and strategy to both her work at T4G and the broader industry too. Mary Lou has been a speaker at International Council of Shopping Centers, Retail Systems and other venues providing meaningful insights in Customer Experience Management.

While her role started in a business development capacity, she has since implemented the Governance and Risk Management Function within the organization, as well as develop the company’s customer satisfaction model, and account management strategies. Additionally, to keep a close pulse on the industry, Mary Lou is also actively engaged in client projects.
While away from her desk, you can find Mary Lou exploring the various waterways in Toronto on her sai boat. A dog lover through and through, Mary Lou’s Moyen poodle, Chanel, is her trusted co-captain on adventures both on and off the boat.

Kunjan Sharma

Kunjan travelled from Hyderabad, India to Saint John, NB to begin her Canadian chapter with T4G in the summer of 2018. Over the last 8 years, Kunjan has developed strong skills in business intelligence where she designs and implements data warehouse solutions for large scale clients.

Prior to her work at T4G, Kunjan worked for Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and Cognizant Technology Solutions where she played a pivotal role in ideating and leading continuous improvement projects that would lead to reduced processing time and improve cost savings. Additionally, Kunjan was often collaborating with project stakeholders to use business and data analytics to identify business process gaps in the data quality and management domain. In addition, she worked on many proof of concept projects to identify new business opportunities. For example, Kunjan designed a POC in Tableau that consolidated data from individual excels from multiple countries and regions and reported their KPIs by country, region, brand and division.

When not working, you can find Kunjan dog sitting her friend’s adorable Shih-Tzu puppies or participating in art and yoga classes in Uptown Saint John.

Tanja Williamson

Tanja is an experienced Project Manager with proven ability to lead multi-functional teams in the planning and delivery of complex projects. Throughout her 20 years at T4G, Tanja has established a reputation as a dynamic personality and leader who focuses heavily on client relationship management and satisfaction as the key to a successful solution delivery. Tanja’s journey at T4G started with a focus on retail inventory systems, and spanned through work in support, customer relationship management software, business development, and now into senior project management.

In her spare time, you can find Tanja spending time with her super active kids (dance practice or hockey games), or on walks/runs with her golden retriever, Cali. Oh, and she’s an aspiring Karaoke star!

Anne Carpenter

Anne is a strategic account lead who works in partnership with clients to navigate the sales and delivery lifecycle. She has a knack for taking complex solutions and communicating the benefits in a way that is relatable to her clients. Known for her listening skills, Anne will bridge the relationship between business and technical stakeholders. She keeps everyone informed and focused on what matters, managing expectations and ensuring the client has someone to hear their concerns. Passionate about her clients’ success, she ensures that everyone is happy with the service and outcomes of each engagement.

Anne has a real knack for fixing things! With 4 fixer-uppers under her belt, Anne is always on the look out for the next neglected home to transform into a well-loved space. From design through to execution, Anne is personally involved in the project and isn’t afraid of rolling up her sleeves. From demolition, building a deck, project management, plumbing and beyond, she’s done it. Just don’t ask her to mud a ceiling every again – she’s learned to leave that one to the professionals!

“Women having a seat at the table in business drives real change – change for the good! However, balance in the workforce and in our personal lives remains difficult. IWD in an opportunity for us to band together and realize that there is room for all of us to step into leadership. It also helps us bring into focus where the glass ceilings still exist in our everyday environments – because the struggle is REAL!

IWD gives us a space where we, as women, can come together to share both our challenges and our successes in equality in this world – and it gives us practical tools on how to tackle some of our greatest obstacles.

Successful women reaching out to give other women a hand up is one of the most important ways we can move towards real equality. IWD is a critical annual highlight of the everyday efforts of women around the world. I’ll be meeting with like-minded women and men on IWD to help improve the lives of all people-how about you?”

– Anne Carpenter

Jenna Eagles

Jenna joined the T4G team in 2012 as a co-op student and, after test-driving several business units and projects, became a full-time employee in 2016. Hired as a data analyst, Jenna has completed multiple certifications and is now a business analyst. Through working with clients, Jenna has been able to gain invaluable experience and continues to grow with each new project and challenge. Known for cranking out 50-page documents and digging through rows and rows of data searching for the truth, Jenna enjoys helping clients develop actionable business questions and create systems and applications to best suit their requirements.

In her spare time, Jenna loves baking and cooking and has recently taken up traditional archery so watch out – her aim is getting pretty good!

Lily Sangster

Lily’s background in journalism has instilled in her a love for getting to the heart of a story. While studying for her Bachelor of Journalism, Lily was part of a multi-award nominated investigative multimedia project that helped kick-start her passion for creating meaningful online content.

As a content and UX strategist at T4G, Lily specializes in understanding the customer and advocating for their wants and needs at every stage of a customer’s journey. She is a lover of stories in all mediums and is a strong believer in the power of great storytelling to create lasting emotional connections between users and brands. Lily is passionate about creating exceptional facilitated experiences, improving team innovation through human-centered design, and thrives in both heavily collaborative projects and in independent research roles.

Lily is also active in her community. For the past five years, she has served as the Secretary for the Board of Directors for ARK Outreach, an organization that serves homeless and street-involved youth in Halifax. She also recently began her third term as a Member-At-Large for the King’s Co-op Bookstore, one of only a handful of student-owned and run cooperatives in Canada.

Outside of the office, you can find Lily experimenting with new recipes and perfecting old ones. She’s also obsessed with her cats. Ask her about her cats! Please. She really likes to talk about them.

Salima Moosa

A founding member of T4G, Salima has 20+ years of IT consulting and business experience, specializing in the delivery of complex digital solutions to a wide range of customers.

Salima cares most about helping people solve problems, whether it be her clients, peers or team. She is driven to provide the best possible solutions to her customers, beyond their expectations. With several years experience working with clients in the retail, telco, energy and finance sectors, she has a keen understanding of complex environments, rapidly changing landscapes, digital transformation, and competitive industry pressures on project delivery. A thoughtful leader, Salima’s success is defined by her ability to actively engage her customers, peers and teams to ensure everyone works together towards a shared vision and common goals, with integrity and flexibility.

In 2010, Salima took over the Development practice in Toronto and in 2018 she took over the CMS and CRM practices. Salima is responsible for a large team of project managers, business analysts, technical architects and developers in T4G’s Toronto, Halifax and St. John offices. Having a powerhouse of talented employees has enabled Salima to pursue large initiatives while being true to the T4G values of being innovative, creative, customer driven and fiscally responsible.

When not at work, you can find Salima enjoying time with her family and friends and travelling.