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Xamarin: Cheaper, Faster, Smarter Enterprise Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are trending as the way enterprises deliver content and operational tools.


Going over the plan

Taxonomy: What Is It and Do I Need One?

Have you ever caught yourself wondering “What is this taxonomy thing I keep hearing about? Do I really need it?”


Big data and jazz music - microphone and stage lights

Make Your Data Sing

Big data, it turns out, has similar attributes to another collaborative, creative process – jazz music. It also shares the same core principles for success: leadership, governance, collaboration, and innovation.


Are You Asking the Right Business Questions?

How to get the most from your advanced analytics projects


Augmented & Virtual Reality Is Set to Disrupt Real Estate

A technology tsunami is heading right at the real estate market. Will your company ride the wave, or be crushed by it?


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Setting Up for Success with Advanced Analytics

Getting the most out of big data means setting a comprehensive data strategy from the very beginning.


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What Comes After SaaS and Mobile?

To remain competitive, enterprises need to ride multiple waves of technology change simultaneously.


Copywriting: More Than a Luxury

It’s no secret that marketing, and indeed business as a whole, is more competitive now than ever before. In this tough economic climate, it becomes all too easy to place copywriting in the cross-hairs, questioning whether it’s truly worth the investment in a dedicated professional when the task of writing copy could instead be delegated to other marketing personnel.


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Building a Brilliant Citizen Experience

What is a brilliant citizen experience? It’s one that is safe, fast, easy, personal, and useful. Sounds straightforward enough, but in Canada, we have a long way to go before government services are delivered in the at-our-fingertips approach that citizens, as customers, have come to expect.


Piece by piece

Are You Solving the RIGHT Problem?

At T4G, we’re firm believers in doing the right thing. Not just morally and ethically, but technically too. Our job is to understand current and emerging tech and how these tools can benefit our clients’ businesses. We LOVE technology. But sometimes, that can be a problem.

When faced with a problem, our first instinct is to leap to solving that problem – often by simply throwing technology at it. What results is a solution in search of a problem. We’ve failed to take that critical first step – making sure we’re solving the RIGHT problem.


Escaping the Box of Accessibility Myths

Thinking outside of the box can be difficult, and some of the journey to unconventional thinking depends on changing the way we understand design and the accessible end user experience.

To help change the way we think about accessible web solutions, we need to dispel the myths and the negativity that surround accessibility. We need to escape the box.


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