T4G’s Role in Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

We’re thrilled to be the only analytics services company in this important five-year partnership.

February 15th was a remarkable today for science and innovation in Canada as the Honourable Navdeep Singh Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, announced details about the five superclusters that will be funded across Canada – including the Ocean Supercluster in the Atlantic Region. Almost $1 billion in funding was announced, with the Ocean Supercluster being eligible for up to $250 million of that. Specific funding amounts have yet to be confirmed, but the effects of the cash injection to fund science and innovation in the oceans sector will be palpable.

What is remarkable about T4G’s participation is that we stand out among the more than 130 official partners as the only analytics services firm in the mix. We are among familiar company though. Microsoft, who has committed large amounts of Azure consumption to four out of the five superclusters, is a partner as well. We are also partnering with several current customers and friends of T4G.

The goals of the Ocean Supercluster are both straightforward and ambitious:

  • Strengthen links between ocean-based value chains and providers of enabling technologies
  • Develop, deploy, and export innovative technology platforms applicable to multiple ocean industries
  • Fill capability gaps in the innovation ecosystem through the attraction, recruitment, training, and retention of diverse, highly qualified personnel
  • Extend the global reach, attraction, network, and market opportunities for Ocean Supercluster partners
  • Address global challenges related to sustainability, reducing carbon foot-print, and improving energy efficiency

We see opportunity in every one of these goals, because each of these goals will be fueled by data, and the insights that analytics on this data delivers.

“The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.”

– Jacques Cousteau

As the only analytics services company in the Ocean Supercluster, T4G will work very closely with Microsoft to make something more of the huge quantities of data that this sector generates. Whether it is sensor data from underwater or surface machines, operational data from seafood companies, or hydrographic data from new explorations that this funding has enabled, we will do what we always do: deliver new insights from data that will drive innovation, new product creation, and improved supply chains; and bring new growth and opportunity to a sector that has huge potential.

Following is what we proposed to the Minister when applying to be a part of the Ocean Supercluster:

T4G Limited intends to participate in both the Technology Leadership and Cluster Building activities of the Ocean Supercluster. In particular, we expect to see our data management and analytics capability be used to bring together disparate Cluster members. Given the amount of data being generated from ocean-related sensor companies, we also expect to coach, mentor and develop other Cluster members in how to use advanced data and analytics platforms (in particular Microsoft Azure) so that data analytics becomes democratized for all Cluster members. We expect this to drive significant know-how that will be portable across other aspects of our business as we grow through participating in Cluster projects.

We can’t wait to get going. I’m sure you will hear about our progress.

Geoff Flood

Geoff is the Founder of T4G. He has provided the leadership, vision, and strategic direction for the company since its inception. Geoff is actively involved in several boards and charitable organizations and has a specific interest in Future Focus, T4G’s philanthropic arm, which backs organizations with a track record of helping children succeed.