New Partnership to Build Exportable Product that Helps Customers Manage Energy Use

New technology will allow Saint John Energy customers to view and manage their energy usage and save money

Economic Development Greater Saint John (EDGSJ), Saint John Energy, and T4G have announced a partnership to build a Smart Customer Engagement Platform. The new technology will allow Saint John Energy customers to view and manage their energy usage and save money. It is expected to be up and running in early 2020 and once developed could be exported to other utilities.

“We are very excited to provide our customers with a state-of-the-art solution that brings detailed energy data to one platform,” says Carl Ozkaynak, Director Smart Grid, Saint John Energy. “Right now, most customers don’t know their energy usage until they get their power bill. Soon this technology will allow customers to login to a portal through Saint John Energy’s website and learn how they can adjust behaviors to save money, monitor and control their smart consumer products, and protect the environment.”

By deploying new technology and using modern data analytics, Saint John Energy will be able to collect new sources of data that customers can visualize and use to optimize their energy use.

“We see this as a big opportunity to develop local expertise and knowledge right here in Saint John that we can commercialize and export to other utilities in North America.” says Ron Gaudet, CEO, EDGSJ. It is for this reason, EDGSJ is investing $250,000 in the project as part of its Smart and Connected Data Project. “The more we do to make Saint John a leader in energy innovation, the more we ensure we have one of the greenest and most affordable energy cities in the world. This helps us attract and retain more people and businesses to the region.”

The utilities industry is undergoing significant disruption and T4G sees this as a market opportunity for the company. “With new technology and data analytics, utilities can build a new kind of relationship with their customers by seeing them as partners, rather than customers,” says Jon Barry, Executive Vice President, T4G.“Utilities can enable customers to manage their usage and allow them to become producers should they choose. The Smart Customer Engagement Platform is a solution that will only grow in significance as customers become more empowered to produce and manage their own energy. With our partner Microsoft, we see significant market opportunities for this product and are thrilled to be part of this partnership.”

Earlier this year, Saint John Energy announced its Smart Energy Project, which will utilize artificial intelligence to help optimize the system and encourage energy efficiency. This innovation will result in cost efficiencies and ensure a more resilient and reliable power system for customers.

Press Release provided by Saint John Energy.

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