CRM and DevOps Expertise Provides Bottom Line Impact for Premiere Suites

T4G hosts and manages customized implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Premiere Suites is a leading provider of luxury, temporary residences for professionals and families all across Canada. With over 1,500 suites in 38 cities, they recognized that by using a proper CRM system, they could significantly close the opportunity gaps in their existing sales pipeline.


Premiere Suites needed a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that provided a stable environment and good application performance. In addition, they were looking for a collaborative partner that could offer helpful and reliable support services with minimal internal IT involvement and infrastructure support. Because this application is mission critical, they wanted reliable operations support on an ongoing basis.

Our Approach

T4G had delivered the original high-level architecture and functional requirements for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation, which Premiere Suites used as the blueprint to configure and customize the solution. As the launch date approached, they enlisted T4G’s help to deliver final QA and testing, in addition to a migration/change for their user authentication approach.

T4G has provided expert assistance in managing and monitoring the hosting of the CRM application. Premiere Suites relies on T4G to provide good advice, feedback and best practices relating to the technology, security and performance of the system.


Premiere Suites’ internal resources were able to focus on more high-value business activities while T4G provided technical support, and infrastructure build, management, and monitoring. Premiere Suites has been able to reduce IT related expenditures by leveraging the relevant experience of T4G.

T4G Delivered:

  • A hosted infrastructure and customized implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • A stable, highly-available business solution
  • Significant savings versus alternative platform options
  • Extended support coverage for infrastructure and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application platform

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