Medavie Blue Cross Launches New Health Plan ‘Live. Love. Grow.’

Making Health Insurance Matter to Millennials

As the new AOR for Medavie Blue Cross (MBC), T4G’s first assignment was to brand and launch a new health plan called Medavie Elements, targeting Millennials with mobile careers in Atlantic Canada.

To reach an audience not traditionally concerned with health insurance, we developed creative around life’s major moments, focused on flexibility and affordability, and targeted through digital spaces.

The Challenge

With health insurance generally considered a low-interest category that is not always pleasant to think about, the challenge was to create an emotional connection with our audience to inspire them to look at the MBC brand and not just the price point when choosing a health plan.

The Approach

We began with focus group testing to understand the wants and needs of MBC’s target market (digital savvy young professionals in both French and English). Armed with that knowledge, new video and photo assets were shot to be used in the campaign’s creative.

The campaign, delivered in two flights (spring and fall), focused on the digital spaces we knew these Millennials occupied. While TV, outdoor, and radio ads were also used to increase awareness and place MBC top-of-mind for consumers before and when they needed insurance, Millennials were also directly targeted through social media, SEM, mobile, and video, and driven to a new, custom microsite (in keeping with their digital affinity).

Interests linked to life events (graduation, marriage, having children, starting a business, etc.) were targeted to ensure the campaign was being seen by the right people.

Throughout the campaign, website conversion goals were used to optimize the media buy (SEM, social, programmatic). We analyzed the spring flight campaign report together with MBC to make changes and optimize the fall flight.

The Result

KPIs for the campaign included visits to the Elements microsite, clicks on ‘Get a Quote’, and calls to a special 1-800 number. During the two flights, more than 3,000 actions aligned with the campaign’s KPIs were made. The heavy use of video was particularly successful in this campaign, reaching more than 269,000 people for a cost-per-view of $0.03.

Our “Live. Love. Grow.” campaign was deemed successful by MBC and has been updated to target the Millennial audience even further in 2017.

MBC continues to be a T4G client and is currently engaged in managing the ongoing Elements campaign evolution including strategy, creative, media, and reporting.

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