A Seamless Photo Swap Solution for Victoria’s Secret

An innovative alternative to cost-intensive photography

Victoria’s Secret needed a cost-effective solution for showcasing their products in every colour, pattern and texture in their online store.

T4G created a process that enables colour-swapping, pattern application and removal, pattern repeats, and colour correction on original photo images, eliminating the need for highly-paid photographers and models.

The Challenge

Customers demand a superior experience from online retailers. They expect that products in every colour, pattern, style, and texture should be available at point of purchase. This is very easy to do in-store, but doing this online can be extremely costly.

The Approach

T4G’s Adobe certified Photoshop experts:

  • Designed a process to automatically map 3D models of garments to the body of a model in a 2D photo
  • Recreated the retailer’s inventory as high-resolution 3D models that could be instantly adapted to match any colour swatch
  • Allowed the retailer to easily and instantly change garment colour, pattern, or texture on any photo

The Result

T4G processed more than 55,000 product images, representing operational savings of over $25,000,000 for Victoria’s Secret. Because digital modifications cost 1/20th of the cost of a studio photo session with a model, the ROI was immediate. T4G maintained a 99+% revision-free rate, so the time savings have been equally valuable to the company. 

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