T4G and OrthoMX Create Innovative MedTech App, InStride

Using Emerging Medical Technology to Improve Treatment Outcomes for Orthopedic Patients and Medical Practitioners

Ortho MX Technologies Inc wanted to use two decades of specialized research to create an unprecedented new medical product – an app for orthopedic patients, clinicians, and physicians.

T4G offered a quick-to-market solution, developing complex algorithms, design and branding, and creating a cloud-based portal for medical professionals to access patient data.

The Challenge

A very specific mix of advanced analytics incorporating IoT, UX, and mobile development skills were needed to commercialize a medical testing app that would:

  • Provide high-fidelity data to medical professionals
  • Record history to compare progress over time
  • Provide mathematical analysis of body kinetics
  • Remotely evaluate patients through iOS and Android
  • Be simple enough in its design to support an elderly user base

The Approach

Over the course of a rapid discovery phase and six development sprints, T4G prioritized a product backlog, leveraged our expertise in mathematics, IoT, user experience design, Apple and Android development, cloud computing, Agile software development, and creative design to build and brand the InStride app.

Activities included:

  • Envisioning and planning
  • Mathematical modeling
  • User experience design
  • Web and mobile development
  • Functional testing/UAT/bug fixes

Deliverables included:

  • Business requirements
  • Functional specification
  • User stories
  • Wireframes, visual design and branding
  • InStride app and web portal

The cloud-based portal accommodated storage and remote viewing of walk data by patients and medical professionals for monitoring and diagnosis purposes.


The Result

InStride offers an innovative solution that provides value to users through its convenience and performance. It is now being used by patients, clinicians, and physicians and is already improving both the patient experience and outcomes for hip and knee arthroplasty patients.

T4G continues to work with OrthoMX to help commercialize InStride and explore other opportunities to apply modern technology to challenges in the healthcare space.

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