AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Strategic guidance and ML modelling to go beyond a proof of concept and make AI real for your business.

Artificial intelligence isn’t the future – it’s already here. The question is, how are you leveraging it? AI and machine learning are amplifying human cognitive capabilities by automating and enhancing operations at breakneck speeds. It’s time to move past the science fair projects and on to the world stage.

Our experienced AI & ML practice will help you accelerate growth, boost operations, and improve your ability to engage with customers. Using pre-built AI tools and services to complement our custom solutions and algorithms, we transform raw data into predictions and actionable insights. Envisioning, implementing, and deploying AI, we are The Applied Data Company.

What We Do

Applied AI Strategy

Capturing data and knowing what to do with it are very different things. We’ll help you produce the right strategy to achieve your AI-driven business goals, identify and rank your unique opportunities, and define what success looks like for you. Whether you’re looking to identify candidate projects or produce a full strategic roadmap, we drive applied AI results.

AI Project Advisory

Complex data challenges often require more than a single out-of-the-box solution. We provide tactical support for specific, pre-identified problems, helping to identify scope, reviewing data organization, defining success criteria, creating features and task backlogs, and determining operational boundaries – all while offering ongoing support throughout the project.

Machine Learning Modelling

Success in machine learning is highly dependent on how the success criteria is defined for the data models used. Using exploratory data analysis and entity data model processes, our Data Scientists and Subject Matter Experts undertake an in-depth review of all your available data, then iteratively develop the AI and ML models to streamline the way they work for you.

Model Integration & Deployment

Deploy your platform and data management functions and see your strategic vision come to life. By adopting a pragmatic approach to model tuning, monitoring and adjusting your data models to maintain relevance and accuracy, we can take you from design and implementation through to deployment and stabilization with a confidence you won’t find anywhere else.

DevOps for AI

Take your AI and ML efforts beyond a proof of concept and start to reap the benefits of your early investments. Our DevOps experts can help you operationalize AI, pivot internal teams, replace existing processes, and find new value with AI-centric custom enterprise grade applications. We do this though model tuning and deployment, AI debt management, and refined automation.


Getting Started with AI

We’ve created an Opportunity Assessment Framework that empowers our team to engage with a customer at any stage of the AI journey.

Regardless of the entry point, we have proven services and offers that help us to understand the complexities of your situation and advance the AI/ML initiatives that are most likely to be successful. This is all done with the mindset of managing risk, cost and value across the entire AI lifecycle, from early stage discovery to program level assessment, proof of concept, production and drift management.

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