Simplify and Save with Paperless Proforma

From Thompson Reuters Elite, delivered by T4G

Paperless Proforma from Thomson Reuters Elite eliminates the need for manual editing of printed pre-bills. Easy-to-use and browser-based, the proforma pre-bill distribution and markup system is available now through T4G.

Easy to Use

Easy to learn and use, Paperless Proforma dramatically streamlines and optimizes your existing workflows. Thanks to the ability to build in business rule enforcement, your employees will save considerable time without compromising compliance.

Understand More

Built with analysis, auditing, and accountability in mind, Paperless Proforma gives you unprecedented insight and understanding of your proformas and how they’re changing. Receive real-time updates and digest email summaries. Easily enforce write-off approval and enjoy peace of mind.

Tailored to You

T4G’s experts have more than 14 years combined experience and expertise in implementing, customizing, and supporting Paperless Proforma. With T4G, Paperless is customized to maximize adoption for your firm and satisfaction for your users.

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