T4G Innovation Lab

Doing things differently, by design

T4G Innovation Lab acts as a catalyst for transformative change, helping you rapidly discover, validate, and implement innovative ideas.

T4G Innovation Lab Can Help You

  • Respond to rapidly changing markets
  • Quickly develop, prototype, and validate new ideas
  • Facilitate a cultural shift to an organization capable of innovation
  • By being a safe place for great ideas to evolve outside of bureaucratic constraints
  • Get experienced innovators and a process to take ideas to the next level
  • Bring validated prototypes to market

Innovation Roadmap

A one-day session that explores your organizational innovation readiness, from which we will develop a roadmap to strategically focus on high impact areas.


Prototype (4 – 6 weeks)

Following your Innovation Roadmap, our human-centered design process facilitates the discovery of transformative ideas and a path to validation through iterative prototyping and testing.


MVP (as little as 10 weeks)

Many companies can help you generate new ideas, but few can make them real. Our human-centered software development team seamlessly transforms your validated prototype into a value generating MVP through an agile delivery process.

Meet Our Innovation Lab Team

  • Mike MacPhail
    Mike MacPhail

What Our Clients Say

“A few founders questioned why I chose to work with T4G instead of building my own team. When we were market ready in 10 weeks they got their answer. The skills and processes T4G’s Innovation Lab brought to the table were critical in getting us to revenue fast.”

 – John Robertson
Founder | CEO, HomeEXCEPT

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