Intelligent Applications

Intelligent Applications

AI-infused tools to automate tasks, empower employees, and engage with customers.

Every day your competition is getting smarter, faster, and better at what they do. It’s not about keeping up anymore, it’s about finding new ways to be different. By leading with app innovation and modernization, you can transform your organization into a true disruptor.

With a focus on human-centered design, our Intelligent Applications practice helps organizations from start-up to enterprise who want to quickly see value from their digital investments. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, we create exactly what is needed, fueled by data and AI, providing the right tools and approach to foster innovation and grow your business.

What We Do

App Discovery & Assessment

Change the way you deliver value by shifting the way you innovate. With a human-centered approach, we ensure success by shaping the process around real people. Our team starts every project by listening to your users, gathering key stakeholders to understand your business challenges, ideating solutions together, and then rapidly prototyping the best ideas for continuous feedback.

App Migration & Modernization

App innovation can be the driving force behind your digital transformation, but there is no short cut to get you there. The journey usually involves the migration and modernization of legacy applications. Whether we’re building something new or refactoring and rearchitecting an existing app with container technology and microservices, we leverage all the cloud has to offer and put your organization on a path to surpass your digital transformation goals.

Agile Development

Use proven Agile methods to bring focus to your projects, delivering more working software within a collaborative and iterative framework. From cross-platform mobile apps, to web and intelligent agents, we build and modernize applications in the cloud, infused with AI to produce fully connected experiences and optimal performance at scale.

Enterprise Integrations

Have the freedom to implement new ideas and applications that work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. When new enterprise software is developed, there are legacy systems to integrate and test. Our team has the broad range of skills and necessary experience to be trusted with your most challenging integrations.

Experience Design

Bring your strategic vision to life and keep your users engaged with great design and intuitive digital experiences. With each new challenge, our team combines the latest design tools and methods with fresh insights and creative thinking to shape experiences that are contextually relevant and rewarding to the end user.

Experience Management Platforms

Get more value from your digital investments and build stronger connections with your customers by implementing a modern content/experience management platform. At T4G, we employ experts in a selection of leading platforms and can recommend the solution that best aligns with your vision, requirements and budget. Our current partners include: Adobe, Sitecore, Kentico and Acquia.


Break down silos and improve the quality and performance of the solutions you deliver. It’s often more than just a pivot in expertise – it’s a mindset shift. Our DevOps services can help define and implement the right approach for your business, assist in the required skills and tools training, and augmenting your team as needed throughout the transition.

Managed Services

Focus on what you do best and avoid unnecessary risk by letting us manage your applications and databases. Our managed services team will keep your critical systems online, optimized, up-to-date, and secure. We offer on-demand access to 24/7 help desk support and a range of managed cloud hosting options to meet your needs.


Better Mobile Apps by Design

Creating and maintaining mobile apps for multiple platforms can be complex and resource intensive. At T4G, we use Xamarin and Azure to accelerate the mobile lifecycle and build cross-platform native applications on a shared codebase, resulting in lower costs and a faster time to market.

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