Modern Data Engineering

Data Enginnering

Cloud data platforms to ingest, cleanse, and organize your data at scale.

Organizations in every industry understand the value of data and have AI opportunities waiting to be unlocked. However, before your data can be turned into intelligence to generate new value for your business, it needs to be thoughtfully gathered, governed, and refined for use.

T4G’s Data Engineers are experts at designing and building modern data platforms that harness the power of data to fuel digital transformation. With the ability to process all types of data, big and small, from any source, on a unified data and analytics platform, you’ll be putting the power of AI in the hands of leaders across your organization to innovate, evolve and grow.

What We Do

Data Architecture & Design

Architect and implement a modern data platform that will enable you to become a mature data-driven organization. From straightforward data warehouse solutions to complex big data platforms, we tailor the infrastructure (cloud, on-premise, or hybrid) to meet your analytic and reporting needs, while accelerating new data and AI opportunities within your business.

Cloud Advisory

Feel confident in your decisions as you navigate the expansive cloud and all it has to offer. Our Cloud Architects have deep knowledge and proven processes to help you build and sustain the right cloud infrastructure to optimize your data and applications. As well, our Senior Security Consultants can assess and manage all risks by designing, and implementing a cybersecurity technology architecture that is the right size for your organization and risk levels

Modern Data Platforms

The complexity of data being generated today presents new challenges for organizations of every size. It’s a daunting task to clean, structure, and model large amounts of data, both structured and unstructured, to enable the business to make use of it. Our Data Engineers and Business Intelligence Consultants can rehost, replatform, refactor, replace, and rebuild your data on a modern platform to inform better decision-making, faster and with less risk.

Cloud Migrations

T4G is a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP), which means we have the experience and credentials needed to support the migration of your critical business applications and databases to the Azure cloud platform. Although Azure includes many great services, turning them on and keeping them tuned requires special skills and attention. Whether you need assistance before, during, or post migration, T4G has the depth and breadth of Azure capabilities to be your trusted partner at each stage or your cloud transformation.

Internet of Things

T4G is adept at harnessing the endless possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) in key industries such as Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Transportation, Healthcare and Government. As the universe of connected devices expands, so does the volume and variety of data to be ingested and processed for intelligent analysis and action. Use cases like predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and fleet management, all need to be driven from a secure and scalable cloud platform. T4G’s IoT practice focuses on the Azure IoT platform and tools, with the IoT leadership and diversity of data skills needed to bring it all together in meaningful ways for your business.

Managed Services

Focus on what you do best and avoid unnecessary risk by letting us manage your applications and databases. Our managed services team will keep your critical systems online, optimized, up-to-date, and secure. We offer on-demand access to 24/7 help desk support and a range of managed cloud hosting options to meet your needs.


Azure Cloud Assessment

Our cloud experts will analyze your on-premises applications, databases, and infrastructure, map the dependencies, and create the right plan for your migration to a modern data platform on Azure.

From rehosting SQL Server databases to rearchitecting and modernizing your legacy applications, we’ll integrate with your team to guide and support your cloud transformation.

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