T4G + Sitecore

Making your website every bit as dynamic and engaging as your company.

In order to represent you, respond to your customers, and anticipate and adapt to their needs, your website has to do more. Now it can.

With Sitecore, implemented and customized by T4G, there are no limits to what your website can do for your company.

Your one stop content management shop

Thanks to its robust platform, a well-constructed Sitecore site can be extended infinitely. With Sitecore Commerce, ecommerce can expand or open up a new sales channel. Integrate social media and engage your customers directly. Use analytics to make better decisions faster. T4G can integrate any mix of technology to help you meet your unique goals.

Market in context

Use customer behaviour and preference to manage every aspect of your customer’s experience across every device—from PCs to smartphones. Tailor your website’s user experience (UX) to your guests’ demographics, purchase history, interests and needs. You get a beautiful, easy-to-use website that makes it easy for your customers and prospects learn, buy, and self-serve – and ultimate, an experience that is built for them.

Extend your existing investment

Put T4G’s unique mix of technical expertise, analytic insight, and user experience design to extend your existing Sitecore presence into something entirely new. From integrating with your other platforms to creating seamless multi-screen experiences, we’ll help you get the best return from your Sitecore investments.

Sitecore Experience Platform

With more than 70 resources in our Sitecore practice, we work with our customers to ensure that integrated content, data, commerce and delivery truly lives up to the promise of delivering experiences with context to your customers.

Sitecore Commerce Soutions

B2C and B2B commerce solutions delivered on the Sitecore Experience Platform allow you to deliver Commerce with Context. T4G’s technical, design and integration experience allows us to deliver truly compelling Commerce experiences.

Customer Analytics on Sitecore

Data-driven marketing reaches new levels through customer interaction tracking that not only drives customer engagement, but also provides valuable “what’s next” information.

Cross-Channel Delivery

Customers expect a connected experience across all channels so that conversations flow seamlessly between channels. Whether it is Web, Email (EXM), Commerce, Mobile, Social or Print, companies cannot afford to disappoint when customers move from one channel to another.

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