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You focus on using Adobe to grow your business. We focus on your success.

The Adobe® Marketing Cloud elevates your internal collaboration and customer experiences to the next level—letting you empower your employees and engage your customers.

T4G’s development, campaign management, user experience, and managed services let you get all the benefits out of your Adobe services without worrying about installation, development, the customer experience, operations, infrastructure, support, or upgrades. T4G is the only Canadian Adobe partner to provide an end-to-end solution that is truly turnkey and gap-free.

End-To-End Service Delivery

Like other enterprise-class software, Adobe AEM requires specialized skills in order for companies to get the most out of titsweb experience management software. T4G has teams focused on User Experience, Campaign Management, Analytics, and Software Development, while also having a full-service managed services organization to take care of installation, infrastructure, support, and upgrades. Collectively, our AEM practice numbers more than 70 resources – with each resource bringing specialized skills to the table – so that you get the most out of your platform investment.

Private Cloud Hosting

Trusting your Adobe applications to T4G’s Managed Services means you can expect perfect uptime, instant page loads, invisible updates, and immediate and attentive support. You’ll also feel secure thanks to full and automatic compliance with all Canadian and United States data storage laws.

Gap Free Productivity

You want your employees to always have the latest and greatest software, but keeping on top of every patch puts a heavy burden on IT. The cloud ends this. With the Adobe Platform, your software is always up to date, for all your employees. By partnering with T4G, every part of the initial deployment, ongoing operations, and even user support are handled for you. We manage the applications, the systems they run on, and the servers they talk to and the networks that connect them.

Put Adobe to Work for You Today

Our goal is your success. When your platforms and applications work perfectly, you’re free to focus on your business. Keep your users online up-to-date. Keep your data secure and compliant. Leverage T4G’s Adobe Managed Services to empower your organization and ensure it benefits from world-class enterprise technology in your very own custom-built private cloud, turnkey and gap-free.

We support:

Experience Manager

A comprehensive content management solution for websites, mobile apps, and forms that makes it easy to manage your content and assets.

Adobe Analytics

The industry-leading solution for applying real-time analytics and detailed segmentation across all of your marketing channels.

Adobe Campaign

A powerful cross-channel campaign management tool that helps you improve and personalize campaigns across all of your media.

Adobe Target

A personalization solution that makes it easy to identify your best content through easy-to-execute tests.

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